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when your sad, they say "think of the good times"
but how can you when it just makes you `sadder*
because you soon realize  </3  what your missing
they ignore eachother & look the
other* way ; but they both know
deep down inside, that it wasn`t
supposed to end this way      <3
every girl wants prince charming
and while he may be nice and all
i want a guy who will come up from behind
and put his arms around me, and hold me
he`ll whisper in my ear that he loves me.
a guy who`ll lay awake at night, just thinking about me
a guy who`ll call at 3:00 am just to tell me how much he misses me
he`d come over just after we got off the phone
because he wants to know how i`m really doing
because i said i was fine ; but we both know i was lying
he`d kiss me on my forehead & tell me everything`s gonna be alright
he may not be prince charming to anyone else
but in my eyes, he`d fit the part perfectly
i wanna be that girl he`s scared to lose
the one where he [  can`t  ] walk away
from knowing shes mad at him, the one
who can`t fall asleep without her voice
being the last one he hears` the one he 
wouldn`t know what to do without*  
do you realize that when people say
"you`ve changed"  it`s only because
you stopped living life  <|3  their way
no room for regrets because the past is done and gone
i`ve learned it`s time that makes you wise  and the truth
      * That        Makes        You        Strong  
Sometimes even though you're having a good time, you can't help but stop and think about how much you miss the old times.
Through the wind and the rain, through laughter and pain, count on me, and when life isn't fair, and theres nobody there, i will be, in a world of pretenders, i am your defender, and when it all comes down, i'll be the last one standing..