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My name is Morgan Nicol. I am 17 years old and a Senior at Richwoods High School in Peoria, Illinois. I am a curly hair brunette!! lol My friends gave me the nickname, Grace from my favorite show Will and Grace because of our similar looks.loI... I love to play tennis. I have played for the Richwood's team for 3 years now... I live with my mom mostly in Pekin. There I live among my mom, my older brother Adam, my younger brother Barrett, his dog Beauty, and my dog Honey. I also live with my dad sometimes. He lives in Peoria. When I am with him I mainly work for him at his restaurant or hang out with all of my friends.
My friends and I use to be close...We were unseperable!! We once named ourselves the Fab 5... But as you can tell even your best friends can surprise you..and things can change...
Josh- my eccentric one!!lol we have known each other since middle school but didn't become best friends until early freshman year. He has been there for me a lot lately and in the past. He always knows how to make me laugh when Im feeling down, and for that I love him!!...We get along pretty well but there are sometimes when we get in Like our Jerry Springer fight!!haha That was the best!!...I have so many great memories with him that I cant even begin to tell you. But one thing is for sure, He will always be a big part of my life no matter what!! o and Josh, remember june 4th!!lol
Jess-my everything!!lol You are my bestest friend in the entire world!! You are awesome and sooooo much more!...Ive known her since the first day of sophomore tennis tryouts, ever since then we have been stuck together like glue!!lol..You are always there for me to listen to all of my stories and worries and right there next to me cracking jokes and getting into trouble!!!lol...I couldnt have asked for a better friend!!!... I cant wait till we go to Florida!! We are gonna have a blaaassttt!! lol me and u + 5 days w/o parents=a whole lot of fun!!lol
Shannon- my little blondie!!lol Ive known her since fifth grade... we became friends instantly. We would hang out at each other's houses for hours doing our hair, looking at magazines, talking about guys...girl stuff!! I love her to death!
Bevin-my quiet one!!!jk Ive known her since the first time I went to Shannon's house (they are sisters, obviously.)...You tend to stay out of all of the drama (which is good) and just have a good time!! We really got to know one another PE freshman year. You, Josh, Toby, and me made that class a blast!!!lol
Cameron- You are the best!!! You and Jess are absolutely cute together!! You are always there for me to talk to if I need you and give me some advice about my car!!lol You always want to have a good time!!!
Emily- You are great!! Almost hitting that black cat...chasing the pekin track bus so we could get a haha Fun times!!...Always there to listen to my problems and crack ya girl!! (She was the one that got me hooked on searching for quotes!!! Thanx hun!! I wouldnt have made this if it wasnt for you!!)
Maggie- my supportor! I love you hunnie!! Its sooo weird that through both of our similar struggles and lose of a best friend, we actually became closer friends...Thanx for always listening and providing advice for my troubles. Its so great to have someone that can truely understand what I am going through!...Even though we got hurt, it made us stronger in the long run...We deserve better...Have fun this summer at camp!! Dont let Melissa get to you!!
Tobs-"I was gonna jingle my keys but they were in the ignition" great that after over 3 years we have finally become a couple...I'll never let u live it down the day u accidentally hit my head on the fire alarm!! lol Its ok though....I love you and I hope you have a blast in Miami!!! U deserve it babe!