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A Stranger I Once Knew
Everyone thinks that if we just talk,
Everything would be ok
THat things would go back to the way they once were...
But right now,
I dont think they will ever be,
No matter what anyone says or does...
Because they dont know what its like
To lose a friend,
To have the one person you had complete trust and faith in,
Break it all...
She only cared about herself,
Not of others,
She did what she wanted to do
Which resulted in the pain of her "best friend."
I had to hear from others
Instead of her,
What was going on
Because she had no time for me,
No time to explain,
When I needed her the most...
When we were beginning to see a light,
A light back to our friendship,
I found out she lied to me
straight to my face...
That's what hurt the most
Because at that moment,
I saw my trust and our 5 year friendship went to waste...
Now every time I try to forget
And just be friends again...
I see her walking silently past me in the halls,
As if I was only,
Only another stranger in her path... (MMN)

A Broken Friendship
You never seem to care,
You never look my way,
Now I'll I can do is walk away
Because I know our friendship
Isn't worth enough to you...
Your not worth the struggle
For you wouldn't even try for me...
Its like I never even knew you,
Because the person I once knew,
Would have done anything for me...
So after a while,
I just have to forget
All the times we shared-
All the laughs,
The jokes,
The long talks...
All the memories we once shared.
Because now all we share
Is a broken friendship,
A silence between 2 strangers...
Even if things were to change
It would never be the same....(MMN)